Victoria Claire

Victoria Claire is a Professional Artist in Contemporary Sculpture who has been working in the medium of wood for 25 years. She has a rare degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. Diagnosed at the age of 19, Victoria struggled to come to terms with the fact that she was losing her sight. After having to leave her prestigious university degree in figurative sculpture, she took the time to adjust to this adversity and began freelance sculpting. Her work has been successfully commissioned over the past 25 years and she continues to create breath-taking works despite her sight loss. Her pieces are displayed all over the UK and as far afield as France, Italy and Australia. Her most renowned exhibition was the “Through The Eyes of Time” collection, which was exhibited in the London House of Commons in 2015. As an exhibiting artist, Victoria has always encouraged the public to touch her work as she feels that sculpture is a medium that needs to be felt.

Victoria is a very passionate and inspiring artist that despite her sight loss continues to think out of the box, enjoying creating work that evokes an emotive response with a message of inclusive accessibility for all.

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