Clinical Trials Roundtable Programme 2017

Remarkable progress has been made in the quest for treatments for retinal dystrophies and many promising therapies are now at the translational and clinical stages of research. During Retina 2016, Fighting Blindness will hold a topic-focused, multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion on Thursday, October 12 (World Sight Day). Participation in these workshops is by invitation only.

Session 1:         Chair  Prof Robin Ali, University College London

  9.00am            Closed Session

Fighting Blindness-funded researchers present to the international Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Session 2:         Chair: Prof Robin Ali, University College London

11.30am            Closed Session

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

1:30pm              Lunch 

Session 3:         Chair: Prof Brendan Buckley, Fighting Blindness Board of Director

  2.30pm            Management of Clinical Trials

This will be explored by all relevant stakeholders including pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, scientists, medical professionals, policy makers and people affected by vision loss. Embedding the patient voice at the heart of the conversation, together they will explore the challenges with a view to expediting the process of moving research from the laboratory to clinical trials, and ultimately to the approval of treatments for patients. Further details to follow.



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