Retina 2017 Public Engagement Day

The Retina 2017 Public Engagement Day registration is now open online here or by calling us on 01 6789 004.

The Public Engagement Day is a unique opportunity to speak to leading doctors and researchers and learn about specific conditions and the research that is aiming to find therapies to treat it.  The event takes place on Saturday, October 14, in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8. For more information please contact or 01 6789 004.

Attendance at the Public Engagement Day is free for Fighting Blindness members.  For non-members, a nominal fee of €10 will apply on the day. Advance registration is essential for both members and non-members, which you can do so online here. Please note that you will need a functioning email address to register online. If you do not have an email address please register by calling a member of the team on 01 6789004.

Public Engagement Day Agenda 2017:

09.30am Registration
Tea/coffee – served by hotel staff

Welcome & Introduction
10.30am Kevin Whelan, CEO of Fighting Blindness
10.40am Piano Recital by Orla O’Sullivan

Session 1: Cure
11.00pm Dr Elise Heon, University of Toronto/The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
“I have a retinal degeneration, now what?”

11.45pm Kevin Whelan, CEO Fighting Blindness
“Target 5000”

Concurrent Sessions:
12.00pm Breakout Sessions (clinicians, scientists and patients in each group)
Group 1 (Blue): Retinitis Pigmentosa, Usher Syndrome, Choroideremia, Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA)

12.00pm Lunch – all other breakout groups

1.00pm Breakout Sessions (clinicians, scientists and patients in each group)
Group 2 (Green): Age-related macular degeneration & Diabetic retinopathy
Group 3 (Orange): Stargardt disease, cone rod dystrophy, achromatopsia
Group 4 (Yellow): Retinal detachment, retinal injury, other degenerations
Group 5 (Pink): Leber hereditary optic neuropathy, mitochondrial disease

1.00pm Lunch – Group 1 (Blue)

Session 2: Support
2.15pm Ms Avril Daly, CEO Retina International
“Retina International Genetic Testing Toolkit”

2.30pm John Delany, Senior Counselling Manager, Fighting Blindness
“Need to Talk”

2.45pm Cearbhall O’Meadhra, Fighting Blindness Technology Exchange Club
“Accessible Technology for Varying Levels of Vision”

Session 3: Empower
3.15pm Dr Mary Roche, Advocacy Manager, Fighting Blindness
“Fighting Blindness Members Survey”
3.30pm Dr Laura, Research Manager, Fighting Blindness
“Public and Patient Involvement in Research”
3.45pm Emma Morgan, Fundraising Manager, Fighting Blindness
“Get Involved”

Closing Comments
Kevin Whelan, CEO Fighting Blindness and Dr Laura Brady, Fighting Blindness

3.55pm Visionaries Choir Performance

Please note the above agenda and timings are subject to change.