Professor Gregory S. Hageman

Image of Prof. Gregory HagemanProfessor Gregory S. Hageman, Ph.D., is the John A. Moran Presidential Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Utah John Moran Eye Center (JMEC). Dr. Hageman’s primary research interest over the past 25 years has been directed toward the genetics and assessment of pathways involved in the etiology of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of irreversible worldwide blindness. He serves as the Executive Director of the Steele Center for Translational Medicine (SCTM), which was created to exploit a robust repository of patient and tissue resources to discover pathways, identify and validate therapeutic targets and develop therapies for early stage AMD. The SCTM has garnered over $30M of support from numerous foundations, philanthropists and companies since his arrival in 2009. Dr. Hageman previously served as the Iowa Entrepreneurial Professor at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Hageman is an active member of various professional and honorary organizations, and numerous national and international advisory boards, panels and review committees. He also advises numerous pharmaceutical and start-up companies. He is an author on over 150 refereed and invited publications, and over 100 issued patents and pending patent applications. Dr. Hageman garnered contiguous funding from the National Eye Institute/National Institutes of Health for nearly 30 years.
Dr. Hageman has briefed the US Congress on three occasions, has presented many invited plenary and named lectureships and has received the Trustee Award from the Foundation Fighting Blindness, an Alcon Research Institute Award, the Fondazione G.B. Bietti Award, the Lew R. Wasserman Merit, the Olga Keith Wiess Scholar and Senior Investigator Awards from Research to Prevent Blindness, the Roger Johnson Prize for Macular Degeneration Research, the Lighthouse International Pisart Vision Award and the Macula of Paris Prix de la Recherche for his contributions to AMD research.

Dr. Hageman was the scientific founder of Optherion, Inc., which closed on a $47 million start-up Series A financing round in July 2007. Most recently, Dr. Hageman and colleagues founded Voyant Biotherapeutics, a biotechnology company that is partnering with the JMEC to efficiently capitalize the commercialization of scientific discoveries made within the Moran SCTM. Voyant has mediated unique collaborative partnerships between the SCTM and the pharmaceutical industry. These partnerships are helping to fulfill the mission of the SCTM by expediting the pace of development of novel AMD therapeutics.

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