Prof. Marc de Smet

Image of Prof Marc de SmetMarc de Smet was born in Canada, completing his medical training in McGill and UBC.
He worked for 8 years at the NEI in Bethesda MD in the immunology service along side
Robert Nussenblatt, completing his term as Chief of the Clinical Immunology Service. He
completed a 1 year fellowship at the Wilmer Eye Institute in Vitreo-retinal surgery in

Next followed 10 years as head of the department of Ophthalmology at the University of
Amsterdam, where he initiated a clinical research unit and forged collaborations with
outside departments including the biomedical engineering department of the Technical
university in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He has since moved to a private group practice
focused on retina and inflammatory disorders in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Research interests include retinal imaging (during which he pioneered with Richard Rosen,
transverse scanning),pharmacology as applied to retinal diseases leading for example to
the clinical development of Jetrea (ocriplasmin), the use of methotrexate in eyes for the
treatment of ocular lymphoma, the use of steroids for various ocular indications. For 10
years, he has worked on the development of a robotic surgical platform for eye surgery
along with the bio-engineering group at TU/e leading to Preceyes bv, a start-up dedicated
to the development of high precision assistive eye surgery. He is the current chief medical
officer of the company. The robotic arm was used for the first time in humans August 2016
in Oxford England. The next stage of development will be the incorporation of intelligent
instruments to enhance safety, ease of use, and facilitate the development of new

He has authored or co-authored more than 175 papers, 25 books or book chapters, given
numerous lectures and named lectures. Treasurer of the international uveitis study group,
he is member of the Jules Gonin club, the macula society and heads a division of the – a european clinical research network.

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