Meet the speakers

Confirmed speakers will be added on a regular basis. Please check back to find out who else will be joining us at Retina 2019!

Prof John Flannery
University of California, Berkeley, USA

Prof John Flannery will present optogenetic therapies for late-stage retinal degeneration. Read more about Prof John Flannery.

Dr Isabelle Audo
Institute de la Vision, France

Dr Isabelle Audo will present the importance of phenotype/genotype correlation for the preparation of future clinical trials. Read more about Dr Isabelle Audo.

Prof Mike Sapieha
University of Montreal, Canada

Read more about Prof Mike Sapieha.

Dr Cathy Cukras
National Eye Institute, USA

Dr Cathy Cukras will present the importance of functional and structural studies with respect to outcome measures for AMD clinical trials. Read more about Dr Cathy Cukras.

Prof David Crabb
City of London University, UK

Dr David Crabb will present on what matters to the patient facing AMD. Read more about Prof David Crabb.

Prof Alan Stitt
Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Prof Alan Stitt will examine the identity of endothelial progenitor cells, their role in regenerative medicine and their importance for diabetic retinopathy. Read more about Prof Alan Stitt.

Dr Orla Galvin
Retina International

Dr Orla Galvin will present on the impact of inherited retinal diseases in both Ireland and the UK. Read more about Dr Orla Galvin.

Prof James Loughman
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Prof James Loughman will be discuss atropine in relation to both the prevention of incipient myopia and the control of existing myopia progression. Read more about Prof James Loughman.

Dr Kevin Achberger
University of
Tubingen , Germany
Dr Kevin Achberger will discuss Retina-on-a Chip, enabling the recapitulation of the interaction of mature photoreceptor segments with RPE in vitro. Read more about Dr Kevin Achberger.

Dr Jacqueline Turner
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
, Ireland
Dr Jacqueline Turner will report on the new Clinical Genetic Service for Inherited Retinal Dystrophy. Read more about Dr Jacqueline Turner here.

Mr Russell Wheeler, UK
Mr Russell Wheeler will discuss his role as an advocate for inherited retinal diseases. Read more about Mr Russell Wheeler here.

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