About Fighting Blindness

Image of Fighting Blindness logoFighting Blindness is an Irish patient-led charity funding and enabling world-leading research into treatments and cures for blindness. It also provides a professional counselling service for people and families affected by sight loss, and is extremely active in the area of advocacy and patient empowerment.

Fighting Blindness is involved with rare, genetic, age-related and degenerative conditions that affect an estimated 224,000 adults and children in Ireland and 285 million worldwide.

The charity was set up as a support group in 1983 by families affected by eye disease and has now evolved to become a charity funding world-leading research into an ultimate cure.

Since 1983, Fighting Blindness has invested over €15 million in over 40 research projects in Irish institutions. The charity relies on individual and company donations to ensure the future development of projects which give hope to people affected by sight loss.

Our vision is to cure blindness, support people experiencing sight loss and empower patients. 

We promote and facilitate the development of therapies which are accessible to all patients affected by sight loss. Our research strategy focuses on these five pillars:
• Genes and gene therapy
• Cell technology and regenerative medicine
• Retinal implant technology
• Novel drug therapy
• Population studies

The Insight Counselling Service provides support for people and families who are living with sight loss.
It is not just the individual who may need support, but his/her partner, children, extended family and friends. We work with all those affected, directly and indirectly, by sight loss.

Fighting Blindness advocates on behalf of everyone in Ireland affected by severe vision impairment. We work in partnership
with stakeholder groups in the areas of health, science, industry and government to ensure that the patient voice is represented in all matters. We advocate for equitable access to existing treatments, novel therapies and appropriate care.

Visit www.FightingBlindness.ie for more information or contact us at 01 6789 004 or info@fightingblindness.ie.