Dr Paul Kenna

Paul Kenna

Clinical Ophthalmologist, Royal Victoria Eye and. Ear Hospital and Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Ocular Genetics Unit at Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Kenna trained as a clinical ophthalmologist at the Eye and Ear Hospital, Dublin. His main interest has been in the genetics of inherited retinal degenerations. As Senior Clinical Research Fellow in the Ocular Genetics Unit at Trinity College Dublin and Medical Director at the Research Foundation, The Eye and Ear Hospital, Dublin since 1988 he, together with the team at Trinity, identified novel genes responsible for inherited retinopathies in a number of large, mainly Irish families, including Rhodopsin, Peripherin/RDS, IMPDH1, Mitochondrial MTTS2 and RPE65. His work is now directed towards developing potential therapies, particularly for dominantly inherited forms of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

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