Dr. Elise Héon, MD, FRCS(C)

Image of Dr. Elise HeonProfessor, Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, University of Toronto
Staff Ophthalmologist, Hospital for Sick Children
Associate Surgeon-in-Chief for Research
Mira Godard Chair in Vision Research

Dr. Héon is a Clinician-Scientist in the field of Ocular Genetics, Director of the Eye Genetics Program and Senior Associate Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute in the program of Genetics and Genomics Biology. Dr. Héon carries both clinical and basic research projects. Her laboratory, supported by peer-reviewed grants, is involved in the genetic analysis of inherited eye disorders such retinal dystrophies most specifically.

Her clinical work focuses on the management of hereditary eye diseases, which include hereditary cancer (retinoblastoma) and other non-cancerous blinding conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa. Dr. Héon’s role as Director of the Ocular Genetics program is to ensure that patients are provided with state of the art global care. This program is unique in Canada and part of only a few in the world. In addition to her numerous administrative activities, Dr. Héon has a busy teaching schedule dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students as well as clinical and research Fellows. Through her research Dr. Heon works to better understand disease characteristics and mechanisms with the goal of improving outcome and quality of life of patients.

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