Dr Brian Vohnsen

Image of Dr. Brian VohnsenDr Brian Vohnsen, originally from Denmark, obtained his PhD degree in nano-optics from Aalborg University in 1998. He has worked as Marie-Curie Fellow and Ramon y Cajal Researcher in Murcia, Spain, 2001-2008. Since 2008 he works in the School of Physics in University College Dublin, initially as Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Lecturer but since 2014 as Associate Professor leading the Advanced Optical Imaging group.

His current research spans from advanced optical microscopy and adaptive optics to visual optics, myopia, presbyopia, retinal simulators and retinal imaging. He has made seminal contributions to the understanding of photoreceptor directionality and the Stiles-Crawford effects. He is Chair of the Applications of Optical Society of America (OSA) Visual Science Technical Group, Topical Editor for Optics Letters and Senior Member of the OSA.

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