Retina 2014

Friday, November 7th, Croke Park Stadium, Dublin

Retina 2014 is an annual conference organised by the blue eyeIrish patient-led charity, Fighting Blindness bringing together top international and Irish figures in the global effort to find treatments and cures for conditions causing blindness. The meeting has been organised for the past 14 years by Fighting Blindness as an  opportunity for researchers, clinicians to learn from one another by sharing the latest developments and to form links and collaborations that will accelerate the global fight to cure blindness.

We are a patient-led charity and once again we will include a public engagement day on Saturday, November 8th. This event is specifically designed for patients, family members and medical professionals with an interested in medical research to inform them about the work happening around the globe.

Leading international researchers will discuss hot-button issues such as advances in gene therapy, stem cell research and novel drug therapies, as well as the latest treatments for AMD—a disease that affects 1 in 10 adults over the age of 50 in Ireland. Representatives from patient organisations will also speak about the importance of patient involvement in issues related to the progress of medical research to enable the development of treatments for unmet medical needs and to ensure they are part of any discussion around  health policies.

Fighting Blindness is an Irish charity funding research into blindness, and hope that his special event will not only help to foster development of therapies for blindness but encourage all patients to become informed of the various policies and activities that concern them.

We are indebted to all the hard-working scientists who have dedicated their time, energy and expertise to Fighting Blindness research for the past 30 years. Learn more about our work at

For more information on Retina 2014, please contact Fighting Blindness on 01-6789 004 or email